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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 25, 2016) – A noteworthy new consulting firm, InfoSpire LLC, launched today. InfoSpire will provide specialized Enterprise Information Management consulting services and solutions, tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs.

As CEO Peter Gunzenhauser explains, “Modern organizations must capture more information than ever before. According to research, the amount of information organizations produce doubles every 12 to 16 months, an astounding rate. New approaches and comprehensive processes are needed to manage this mountain of information.”

“Our team brings a solid understanding of the enterprise information management sector, gleaned from a combined 45 years of global consulting experience for medium and large-sized businesses.”

Gunzenhauser continues: “It’s clear our world is changing and companies must operate in a quickly evolving, increasingly high-risk business and regulatory climate. Complex international business regulations and compliance requirements, can prove overwhelming and difficult to manage for any company. These heightened requirements present for any company an increased need to acquire experienced enterprise information management providers.”  InfoSpire is perfectly positioned to address these complex needs with a knowledge, skills and experience base to help companies achieve their business objectives.

InfoSpire provides a full range of consulting services such as strategic planning, system assessments, enterprise information management implementation, and development services.

About InfoSpire:

With locations in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, CA, InfoSpire provides specialized Enterprise Information Management consulting services and solutions designed to manage information and mitigate compliance risks. For more information, please visit:

Peter Gunzenhauser,

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