SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management

Fuel digital innovations with end-to-end enterprise content management

Key Benefits

Organizations have to stay competitive in order to survive in today’s volatile and competing market environment. This means organizations must quickly adapt to fast approaching market changes and always looking for new ways to improve both the top and bottom line,  but more importantly; providing exceptional customer experiences. Inefficient business processes, disparate system landscapes are some of the common barriers  hindering organizations to becoming a true Digital Enterprise.

SAP Extended ECM gives your entire organization fast access to unstructured information in the context of your business process. Extended ECM provides cloud-based and mobile collaboration tools that can help you improve process efficiency, employee productivity, customer engagement, and more. It’s no surprise that Extended ECM is one of the most popular and comprehensive Enterprise Content Management solutions available on the SAP Marketplace.

Read the solution brief

  • On-premise and private cloud deployment
  • Provide a secure, easy-to-use enterprise content management system functionality
  • Rapidly access, distribute, and store documents across departments and locations
  • Mitigate compliance risk
  • Comprehensive document capture capabilities
  • Streamline IT, reduce application and administration costs, and optimize resource consumptin

Core Capabilities


Extended Enterprise Content Management is a comprehensive ECM solution framework and provides the following out of the box capabilities to content enable business processes:

Document management

  • Link any piece of electronic content to business processes to make it easier to find and share content
  • Ensure information accuracy and currency through document version control, access control, and audit trail capabilities
  • Help users find what they need, when they need it

Document capture

  • Manage scanning requirements with automated metadata tagging and enhanced image scanning
  • Support key business systems and all major scanning hardware to turn paper documents into digital business assets
  • Render content into standardized formats automatically to ensure future readability


  • Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 to support online co-editing, Microsoft Team integration, and more collaboration options
  • Leverage business workspace features to strengthen internal collaboration, ensure accurate information disclosure, and reuse traditional corporate content

Content-centric workflow

  • Replace paper-based processes with content-centric ones
  • Integrate documents with workflows from SAP solutions

Records management

  • Provide a certified records management program that spans multiple SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Manage electronic and physical records throughout their lifecycles
  • Create classification plans, retention periods, and disposition policies – and place items scheduled for destruction on hold

Content access

  • Retrieve business-related documents from any location to ensure consistent information flow and efficient global business processes
  • Integrate content from multiple SAP and non-SAP systems to create process-oriented, virtual views directly in your SAP system

Enterprise archiving

  • Archive petabytes of digital ECM and SAP content in a common archive store
  • Write content onto alternate, unchangeable storage media; time-stamp it; and then retain audit trails within the archive
  • Identify duplicate instances of content within the file system to eliminate redundant copies

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