SAP Document Access

Streamlining business processes with integrated enterprise content management functionality

Key Benefits

SAP Document Access by OpenText, or sometimes referred to as “DocuLink” is a very cost effective solution to implement and provides secure long-term archiving for SAP data and documents, imaging and document management functionalities to the SAP Business Suite and SAP Industry Solutions. In addition SAP user have easy access to SAP data and documents in business process views, can use the full text search and the enhanced compelling attachment list for ArchiveLink documents.

  • Ultimate process transparency in SAP with 360-degree views on SAP data and documents along business process lines and in the right business context
  • Immediate productivity increase at minimal training costs through intuitive user interface
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity by integrating business documents with SAP transactions and workflows
  • Eliminate the costs for paper and microfiche archives
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for the IT landscape by supporting data archiving and legacy decommissioning
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk by secure long-term archiving of SAP data and documents

Core Capabilities

Document Access is a very cost effective solution to implement and is capable of covering all fundamental document management requirements needed to content enable an SAP business process. With Document Access you will have a solution that will allow your employees to intuitively find and retrieve process relevant documents.

Document management

  • Link any piece of electronic content to business processes to make it easier to find and share
  • Ensure information accuracy and currency through centralized storage, access control, and audit trail capabilities
  • Help users find what they need, when they need it

Document capture

  • Manage scanning requirements with comprehensive metadata tagging and enhanced image scanning
  • Support key business systems and all major scanning hardware to turn paper documents into digital business asset

Content access

  • Retrieve business-related documents from any location to ensure consistent information flow and efficient global business processes
  • Integrate content from multiple SAP and non-SAP systems to create process-oriented, virtual views directly in your SAP system

Enterprise archiving

  • Archive petabytes of digital ECM and SAP content in a common archive store
  • Write content onto alternate, unchangeable storage media; time-stamp it; and then retain audit trails within the archive
  • Identify duplicate instances of content within the file system to eliminate redundant copies

Get maximum value from SAP Document Access

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Complementary Solutions

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