Introducing Infospire Swift

Drag & Drop emails and attachments with ease into SAP

Designed for the Enterprise

Digital transformation reshapes nearly every aspect of a business. Therefore, it is no surprise that over 80% of all business transactions are conducted via e-mail. What could be better for increasing process efficiency than simplifying the integration between the Microsoft Outlook and SAP Business applications?

InfoSpire Swift is a small yet powerful add-on for Microsoft Outlook. It enables users to simply and efficiently drag and drop e-mails or attachments into SAP.


Swift enables seamless drag and drop of e-mails or attachments directly from a users Microsoft Outlook Inbox into the SAP application allowing them to  initiate a workflow process or just simply attach the content to a business transaction.


Swift has a small footprint so it can easily be installed and deployed to the enterprise.


Swift works with Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 and SAP GUI for Windows. Already using SAP’s new Fiori user experience? Not a problem. Swift works with Fiori and other HTML5 UI’s.


No matter if you select one or multiple e-mails or attachments, you can now drag and drop them into SAP all in one go.

Explore Swift for your line of business

Looking for ways to help your organization to run better? From asset management and finance to marketing and manufacturing, Swift instantly adds value and increases productivity by enabling SAP and Microsoft Outlook to work more efficiently together.

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