Information Strategy Services

Information is a strategic business asset. Are you managing it as such?

Information Management

In today’s aggressively competitive business environment, you need to be constantly aware of the “big picture”. That’s the only way to make business decisions that achieve your revenue and profitability targets and keep the stakeholders happy. Having high-quality and timely information at your fingertips at all times is one of your most critical business assets.

That is why a well designed information management strategy is essential. It helps you to ensure you collect the right information and to make the right decisions at the right time, enabling a faster response to changes in your business environment at less cost, with fewer mistakes and leading to better business performance.

Managed service programs

Select one of the following programs and drive value by collaborating with leading industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.


This program is designed for organizations who have considerable in-house ECM expertise providing your teams access to subject matter expertise and additional technical resources when needed.


The Augment program is designed to meet the needs of organizations that have some in-house ECM expertise but may not have sufficient experience or staffing to handle everything required to keep the system optimally tuned.


This program is to allow organizations to fully out-task the responsibility for their ECM solution environment to Infospire to take over day to day operations.

Return on investment begins when users are able to fully utilize the deployed ECM solution

We know one size does not fit all. Different types of organizations have different requirements and our Managed Service programs are designed to be tailored to meet your needs. Be sure to check also our Content Enablement services.

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