Managed ECM Services

Service programs that are tailored to deliver continuity and stability for your on-premises, cloud or hybrid ECM environment

Key Benefits

Operating and maintaining ECM solutions can be a complex proposition for any organization as it requires expertise that is outside of the standard experience of most IT teams. There are potentially significant costs to the business any time a critical solution is not available or performing optimally. IT Support managers must balance sometimes conflicting business drivers such as cost, compliance, resource expertise, and level of service in order to achieve all of those goals successfully.

We understands these challenges and have developed a tiered managed service program that augment IT and business organization. We bring the necessary expertise to meet your support needs for IT and business organizations. From expert on-demand to full ECM Managed Services, Infospire can insure that your ECM investment is performing at its peak. Therefore, your IT organization and business teams can once again focus their time on more strategic initiatives.

  • Maximizes system availability by proactively prevent from issues
  • Maintains high level of user satisfaction
  • Removes the need to recruit, train and retain specialist skills in-house
  • Resolves incidents more quickly using a highly skilled team who will collaborate with your in-house technical and service management teams
  • Frees up your in-house team from day-to-day support and administration activities

Managed service programs

Select one of the following programs and drive value by collaborating with leading industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.


This program is designed for organizations who have considerable in-house ECM expertise providing your teams access to subject matter expertise and additional technical resources when needed.


The Augment program is designed to meet the needs of organizations that have some in-house ECM expertise but may not have sufficient experience or staffing to handle everything required to keep the system optimally tuned.


This program is to allow organizations to fully out-task the responsibility for their ECM solution environment to Infospire to take over day to day operations.

Return on investment begins when users are able to fully utilize the deployed ECM solution

We know one size does not fit all. Different types of organizations have different requirements and our Managed Service programs are designed to be tailored to meet your needs. Be sure to check also our Content Enablement services.

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